Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Boy its Hot!

Today has been SO hot! Seeing that I do not work on Wednesdays, I got to spend the day in our sweltering house. At about noon the thermometer inside our house said it was 86 degrees. At one point I left the house to go run some errors, and I felt so guilty being in air conditioned car while Frankie was in the hot house. So I can home and we roasted together. Is it possible to melt?


geo said...

put him in the bedroom and turn on the air lol

Rain said...

Yes I agree put him in the bedroom with the air on. Heck my dog tells me to turn on the air if it gets to hot he walks over to the wall that the air conditioner is on and barks at it, he is too funny lol

Anonymous said...

Poor Frankie!!!!! I bet he spent a lot of time in front of his fan, didn't he?

The weather has been insane, hasn't it?

Yesterday I was at the Allen Park Courthouse when the tornados were spotted in Dearborn and they locked down the place and made us go and stand in the holding cells! It was wild!


Sherry said...


Yes, we go to the drive in at Ford/Wyoming. If you get there between 730 and 9, it's only 3.99 per adult and kids are free! (I know you work with kids, maybe it would be a fun outing?!)

We saw Surf's Up and Nancy Drew last night for a total of 3.99! Awesome price!

I live about 5 minutes from the theater, it's only about 1 exit away from me on the highway -- well ok, 10 minutes with the construction going on!

We are going back next week to see "Rattatouille" (sp) or maybe "Evan Almighty".

You should definitely go! It's so much fun! Just bring your own popcorn and drinks because it will cost a fortune if you buy theirs!

And you can bring Frankie! There was a dog there last night. He can socialize.