Thursday, August 07, 2008

Childbirth Class

Donnie and I had our first childbirth class on Monday. It was actually a lot more informative that I thought it was going to be.

So, at one point the teacher asks people to name thing that are bad in pregnancy. All the normal things came up, like smoking, drugs, not eating right, and not working out. But then the teacher added one of her own. A bad attitude.

Now anyone that has been around me knows that I have had a bad attitude about this pregnancy. However, I say I'm entitled to my bad attitude. Recently every morning I have been throwing up. In the shower, in the car, on the driveway and so on. I say this gives me the right to my bad attitude. :-)

I would however, never tell my teacher this. I might fail the class! :-)


Anonymous said...

You know I am always full of advice. Ha Have you tried eating crackers even before you get out of bed? Has your doctor tried any of the medicine for morning sickness. I know the answers are yes I have tried that, but just in case. Love you.

Mike and Anna said...

I think you're ok Stacey. Being upset about morning sickness is normal. The key is your overall positive attitude!