Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pool Fun

This summer I got a membership to the Livonia Rec Center so I could use their pool. When I go I like to walk in the lazy river. (in the picture above, the lazy river is the thing in the middle) The great thing is that in the morning the lazy river is only open to adult walkers. I do love it.

Now there are two ways you can walk. You can walk with the current or against the current. I always walk with the current, because going against it is REALLY hard.

Last week when I was there, there was this lady who had to be at least 80 years old walking in the river. And of course she was walking against the current. As we passed each other she told me that I should be walking the other way with her. I explained to her that her way was WAY to hard. And she laughed.

Later this woman and I were chatting and she told me how she had six children, and she swam the whole time she was pregnant with each of them. It was fun chatting with her!

When I'm 80 I hope I'm walking against the current!


Anonymous said...

Current walking? pool? Why have I never heard anything about this?


Rain said...

That is cool and seems like it would be alot of fun. I wish we had one like that around here I would be interested in doing it. And I agree with you I hope at 80 im still walking against the current :)