Monday, August 11, 2008

That Pug

We always say that Frankie is the most unloyal dog we know, and this story proves it!

As I posted yesterday, I ordered some great stuff from Target. Lucky it was delivered via UPS and I was home to accept the packages. So I open the door, sign for the packages, and then the UPS guy turns to leave. And you know what? Frankie went with him!

Now Frankie has never escaped on us before, so this was something new. Frankie proceeded to follow the UPS guy to his truck, and get this, TRIED TO JUMP INTO THE TRUCK WITH HIM!!

The whole time he is yelling at Frankie to get into the house, and I'm outside (in my pj's!) trying to chase this dog back into the house. Luckily, I was able to get the pug back into the house.

I'm sure this was very entertaining for all the neighbors.


Mike and Anna said...

Ya should have let him go with him.. And charged the UPS driver a protection fee. :)

Rain said...

LOL that is funny, Luckily for me jackson is not friendly he especially dislikes anyone who comes to the door that he does not know. he barks and barks and barks funny thing is if they even pay him any attention he runs away then runs back barking like crazy again. LOL

Trixie said...

haa ha haa! Just WAIT until you are chasing a naked 2 year old that escaped on you:)