Thursday, August 14, 2008

We did it!!!!

As many of you know, Donnie and I had the goal of buying 3,000 diapers before the baby was born. And you know what????

We did it!!!!!

We have 3,149 diapers!!!! (most of which are in the basement)

Now its onto wipes. hehehe :-)


Anonymous said...



Courtney said...

Woo hoo!! :-)

Mike and Anna said...

I have 3 packages of left from Anna. (88 per package) if you want them.

Anonymous said...


You've met a very lofty goal. Not having children, I have no idea how much room 3,149 diapers takes up. Can you put up a photo?

It is just tremendous you did this all ahead of time. That will save you guys bundles of money once the baby arrives.