Monday, August 25, 2008


While I was a nanny, one of my favorite things was their nursing stool. I used this thing ALL the time. Between feeding and rocking it got used every day.

So I knew I had to have a nursing stool of my own. And it was quickly added to my registry. Sadly this item was overlooked by my generous shower goers. In the end I was okay with that. After all it was not something I HAD to have. And to be honest I really forgot about the nursing stool all together.

That is until my last day of work. Know what they gave me? Their old nursing stool! I was so happy! It reminded me that God is the true giver of all good gifts, and if we rely on him to meet our needs he will not disappoint.


Courtney said...

Very cool! However, I am ignorant. Why is it a "nursing" stool? What makes it different from a regular stool?

Katie said...

Yes, and to ask an even dumber question--- do you sit on it? I really have never heard of this.

Anonymous said...

Love the nursing stool! It is just the right height for your foot to rocking chair ratio! I think that baby Kelley is going to greatly appreciate this.


Rain said...

I think that is cool that they gave you the stool that was really nice. Also I just read Baby Update and I am glad that you and baby are fine and I hope you will continue to keep us updated. Also can you tell Donnie to give me a call sometime this week or weekend whenever he gets a minute. or tell me a good time to call him.