Thursday, July 12, 2007


Donnie and I had a funny conversation last night. It went like this:

Donnie: Everyone has flaws

Stacey: I don't :-)

Donnie: Yes you do

Stacey: Name one

Donnie: Your selfish!

Can you believe that??? He called me selfish! How dare he! Just because I have a blog that I just talk all the time about ME does NOT make me selfish. Just because I have a birthday week does not make me selfish. Just because I make everyone celebrate my half birthday does not make me selfish. Maybe when he realizes that the world revolves around me he will change his mind. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!


Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention how you wake me up on Saturday mornings (The ONLY day I get to sleep in!) just because your bored. Even if I've only had two hours sleep!

Anyway I love my little spoiled baby. And it's probably my fault for spoiling so much ya little cutie.


GEO said...

LMAO!!! ;)

Katie said...


Anytime you want to create another Stacey-themed holiday, just let me know. We will celebrate Stacey-style and Donnie doesn't need to be invited. And I love the kitten pics, I think that you should have brought one home. Eventually Frankie and the cat would have come to an agreement. See you tonight!!

Rain said...

Men go figure LOL but You are the only one I know with a half birthday I just need to remember that one my self come January 3rd I wonder If I can convince tim it is a real thing LOL