Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I have the bestest hubby in the world!!!! He cleaned the study and bathroom, and vacuumed the whole house!!!!! Wow!!!! I'm so blessed!!!! The best part about having a small house is the fact that we can plug the vacuum in the bathroom plug and vacuum the whole house!!!
Seeing that he did such a great job inside I thought I would head outside to do some weeding. Well..I'm not sure what got into me, but I found a saw and started sawing away!!!! A big part of the yard was overgrown with all this shrub like stuff, and I had enough of it!! I hacked it all down. I was so proud of myself!!!! Frankie was out with me to make sure I was doing a good job.
All the stuff that I cut I throw into our makeshift compost pile. Every time we work in the yard we have been throwing the waste into an empty flower bed. Donnie and I have named it our compost pile. At some point we will need to bag it all and take it to the curb.

Here is a picture of some sunflowers that I'm growing. They have gotten so tall!


Sherry said...

You go girlfriend!

I wielded a saw earlier this summer!
Made me feel like a real woman! LOL

We have weeds like crazy. Some I chop down continually, others I pull, and then others I kill with nasty blue stuff. I've read you can use vinegar as weed killer -- but I'm not sure if they know the strength of our weeds here. lol


Courtney said...

You can't change your vote!!! :-P

I wish you were coming to Allison's party on Saturday!