Saturday, July 21, 2007

Happy (Day After) Birthday to my Dad!

Yesterday was a big day. My dad turned the big 6-0!!!!! To celebrate this monumental occasion my mom cooked a fest, and had friends over. The food was great!!!! The Cold Stone ice cream cake (the only reason I really went hehehe) was even better!!!!!

I think at some point there was a new tradition in my family of a champagne toast for birthdays. My mom had bought a non alcoholic version for the kiddies. And with out even asking us, my mom gives both Donnie and I the kiddie drink. I feel so insulted. Yes, Donnie and I don't drink, but it would be nice to at least be offered the adult drink. :-)

While chatting with a fellow dog owner last night I was told that you are to never throw a Kong. Now the Kong is the ONLY toy that Frankie will play with. We have HOURS of fun with him by throwing the Kong, and he will chase it all around the house. So when we were told that you are not to throw the Kong I was very upset.

So today I went on their website to see for myself. Thankfully they were incorrect. I found this on the Kong website. All is well with the world now!

Perfect for Interactive Play
Interactive play strengthens the bond between you and your dog. Make this critical time special. Your dog will love getting out in the fresh air to play with you and everyone’s favorite training toy...KONG. Try a few of these exercises developed by top trainers or invent your own. Be creative! KONG Fetch: Use two KONG toys; ask your dog to sit before you throw the first KONG. When your dog brings the KONG toy back, show him the other KONG and ask him to “drop” the first. Then start all over again. KONG Hide and Seek: Stuff one or more KONG toys with any KONG Stuff’N treat and hide them around your house or yard.

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Courtney said...

Tell your dad I said Happy Birthday! :-)