Saturday, July 14, 2007

Sad, Sad, Sad

So I think I have officially lost the charger for my camera. This is very tragic. Me without a camera is like Donnie without his Transformers. Not a pretty sight. To make matters worse, it was my dear friend Courtney's birthday last night, and I have no pictures from it!

I think I will go hunting online to buy another one. sniff sniff sniff

To make up for this sad news I'm posting a video that I took (when my camera was working) of the kitten's at Donnie's Dad's house.


geo said...

well i guess every 2 dayz is better than nothing....

Courtney said...

That IS sad!! :-( But don't worry about not getting any pics Friday night...Katie got several not-so-flattering ones of me anyway!! :-)