Monday, July 30, 2007


On Saturday morning my mom, my cousin Shawn, and I went to Eastern Market. I LOVE Eastern Market! I love all the fresh food and flowers there! I think I could live there. I was not really planning on buying anything....until I saw this lady selling flats of flowers for $1!!!!! How can you go wrong with $1!!!! I know it is late in the flower season, and its a lot of work for not a long time of blooms, but I went for it. I bought four flats for our front two flower beds.

So far I have one bed planted. I would have planted the other bed, but it has been SO hot. I can't stand to be outside! Donnie when he came home today watered the plants because he said they were looking a bit thirsty. He's such a great guy!!!! (sorry the picture is not the best)


Courtney said...

Woo hoo! I love good deals, especially on flowers! :-)

geo said...

... i remember when you would post here every day... now your getting old... and slow lol

Sherry said...

That is an awesome deal! I would have bought more flowers too. I can't pass up flowers!

My Mom bought be some 1.99 flats last weekend and I still have a whole one to plant! I just keep watering it every day hoping it won't die! lol

Tomorrow is supposed to be uber hot! I have taken three days to cut the lawn. 10 minutes at a time. LOL