Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Last year when Donnie and I were registering for our wedding we picked out pillows from Target that we thought we loved. However, the love affair is over. We both hate our pillows now. They were on the cheap side, and I'm told you always get what you pay for, and I think this is true with our pillows. This is where I need some help. Does anyone have pillows that they love? I would love to hear from you! We need new pillows asap! (FYI I did not take the above picture. I found it online)


Rain said...

I have one pillow that I love it is sad I have had this one pillow for more then 10 years I got it when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter and It is the best I used to take it everywhere I went once I went on vacation and even left it by accident at the hotel when I got home I was so upset I called the hotel and they were so cool they shipped it to me :) I was so happy however I purchased it at Art Van long ago but I do have a new pillow I like almost as well it is a feather pillow but had to be broke in I got it from Kohls and I think it was about 30.00 but I got it on sale for like half off or something But I do totally believe that you do get what you pay for but that does not apply to my favorite pillow cause it was on clearance back then for like 5.00 and I would not trade it for a lot of money lol hope you find one you love soon :)

katie said...

Costco pillows are really nice and also Target. However, I recently bought a pillow that was just not "up to fluff", so I retrieved another old pillow from the guest bedroom....and it's perfect!! I don't think that anyone had used the pillow in ten years!