Tuesday, July 03, 2007

New Plan

Currently Donnie is laid off of work for two weeks. He thought he would use this time to go visit his dad in West Virgina. His plan was to leave last Saturday. However, plans have changed. Donnie came down with a bad tooth ache and wanted to go to the dentist before leaving. The dentist could not see him until yesterday, so he stuck around. Then I thought well...if Donnie waits till after I get done with work on Tuesday, then I could go with him.

So a new plan was born. Donnie and I are going down to visit his dad for the rest of the week. And yes, we are taking Frankie with us. He wants to meet his other grandpa! We are leaving the hammy and gerbils here. They already got to meet grandpa, so now its Frankie's turn! Frankie told us to make sure to pack his food bowl!!!!


Trixie said...

I hope you have a terrific time down south! I hope everything is air conditioned,too:)

Take Care,


Courtney said...

Have fun! Hope Donnie's tooth is ok, and I hope Frankie enjoys his trip! :-) (I'm assuming you won't be at Tim's on Saturday? I notice you haven't responded to his e-vite missy!!!) :-P I'll miss seeing you!

Sherry said...

I hope the three of you have a really terrific time! I can't wait to see the pictures!



Rain said...

Well that sounds great hope you guys have a great trip, Tell Uncle James I said Hi if you see this before you leave. Also when ever you see this Stacey can you pass on a message and tell donnie to give me a call please :) thank you so much

AnneMarie said...

Have a blast and BE SAFE!

geo said...

no updates ?