Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

Seeing that this was the first Halloween in our house, I was very excited to pass out candy to all the trick or treaters. I had emailed a neighbor asking how many kids go trick or treating, and she said not very many. So I made up 30 super cute little goodie bags to pass out.
Before it was time for the trick or treaters, Donnie and I carved up some pumpkins. We has a blast doing this. I did the bat, which did not take very much time. Donnie, however, did a skull, and this took him a very long time. And you know what? I think they turned out great!
Frankie had to be in on the action, of course. We out him in his ladybug costume for the night. He was not too fond of the hat, so after I look some pictures, he was allowed to take it off.
Because the weather was so nice outside we passed out candy on the porch, and yes Frankie did help us. Everyone LOVED Frankie. The thought he was the cutest thing ever! And we tend to agree.
To our dismay the 30 goodie bag went very fast. Donnie had to run to CVS and get more candy, while I was holding down the fort!
But we had a blast! It was so fun chatting with our neighbors, and seeing all the kiddies dressed up. All and all Donnie thinks we had about 60 kids. Frankie loved all the attention he was getting from these 60 kids!


Courtney said...

Your pumpkins look awesome! I was going to add in a picture of our pumpkins my mom and I carved to my blog tonight too! Frankie does not look very excited to be in his costume, but I think he is super cute! Glad you guys had so much fun passing out candy!!

AnneMarie said...

You guys kick butt at carving pumpkins. I am so jealous! You both should be on Martha Stewart or something!

kb said...


Love the super spookie pumpkins! But I dunno about little Frankie and the ladybug outfit, I think I liked him as the bubblebee better (and Major thinks so too)

Sherry said...

Awesome pumpkins! And even awesome-er Frankie! What a widdow cootie-wootie smooshy-wooshy! (You totally understand, right?)


Rain said...

That is so cute, I know what you mean about the treats I made up 40 treat bags and then lucky I had 4 more extra bags of candy cause I ran out of treat bags and Threw all the candy in a bowl and ended up with like 3 pieces left over. But it was fun. Unfortnately Jackson did not get to pass out with me cause he wanted to jump on all the kids.