Sunday, October 21, 2007


Yesterday I had to work, and when I came I found a note from the squirrels taped to the door. This is what it says:

Dear Pretty Lady, (that's me)
We are sorry for eating your yummy pumpkins. We tried to be good but they looked so tasty. We get so tired of nothing but chestnuts all the time. Thank you for the yummies.
We love you pretty lady,
The Squirrels. can a pretty lady like myself stay mad at the squirrels after a note like that?


Sherry said...

They ransacked my pumpkin too! And I didn't even get a letter.

*boo hoo*

Tommy the new hamster is doing great! He comes out of his house to my voice and he loves running around the house in his ball. We all love him! I'll take a pic soon. He is a gray dwarf hamster.

Maybe I can have HIM talk to the squirrels? tee hee


kb said...


Try sprinkling hot pepper on the top of what's left of your pumpkins. That what we do to stop the squirrels from eating our pumpkins.

AnneMarie said...

Or you could put mineral oil on the pumpkins which would cause them to go to the bathroom lots and lots. Then, they will not even think about going near your beautiful pumpkins.