Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What a Deal!

Donnie and I are in a small group from our church that meets on Monday nights. As a service project we are collecting items for a children's home. I knew that I had to CVS for the best deals. And using this blog, I was able to do just that. Not everything I ended up getting is for the children's home, some is for Halloween!

Okay.....drum roll please....I spent about $20....and saved $60!!!! I think this is my best trip yet!!!!! yeah!!!


kb said...


I was at CVS this week as well. All their spices were on sale for $0.88 a piece!! So I had to buy one of everything.

AnneMarie said...

You kick butt on getting the bargains! Donnie must be so proud of you!

Sherry said...

Great job! I will be heading out to CVS this weekend some time. There are some freebies that I will actually 'earn' money on when I use a coupon! I have about 10 in ECBs to get me started!

I love CVS!