Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What a Night!

Tonight was the big "Howl-o-ween" at Petsmart. Not only could you have your picture taken with your pet, but there was also a costume contest. I had been looking forward to this event for a long while now, and tonight was the big night.
Frankie, needless to say, was VERY excited about the whole event. He was about the burst with excitement on the way there.
We did not put Frankie in his costume until we were ready to go into Petsmart. (we did not want him to look wrinkly) And while we were in the parking lot, we noticed that there were A LOT of cars there.
Well...we got inside, and it was PACKED!!! Donnie guesses there was over 100 people there. It was NUTS. We did not know if we were coming or going! When we got there it was almost time for the costume contest. So we waited with the million other dogs.
Donnie and I were SURE he was going to win. He was SO cute. How can someone not love a Pug in a bumble bee costume? However, somehow the judges did not agree. Frankie did not even place. To be honest, this upset me. I'm going to write an angry letter to Petsmart.
From there we went to have our picture taken. I think this is the most horribly funny picture I have ever seen. I have the most super fake smile on, Donnie looks high, and Frankie is not even paying attention. We laughed SO hard looking at this picture.
We will be skipping this event next year.


Courtney said...

Aw, I'm sorry Frankie didn't win! He would definitely have won my vote! That would have been such a cute event to see. Will Frankie be dressing up on Halloween night as well?

kb said...

Your first family pic is great!! I love it!! By the way, Frankie is number one in my book on any day, bumble bee costume or not.

Anonymous said...

Frankie Bee didn't win???? I demand a recount! Recheck the hanging chads! FIXED! This is an outrage!

Amy (Oaks)

Anonymous said...

What is WRONG with those people? Don't they have EYES? Clearly Frankie should have won!

*One vote for Frankie please!*