Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Birth Story- Friday

I know you all are dying of anticipation for all the gory details of the birth, so here we go.

Donnie and I headed to the hospital bright and early on Friday morning. Fairly quickly we got into our room, and got settled in. I did not realize this, but they would not start to induce until I was dilated to three. When I went in, I was at one and 1/2, so I had a little ways to go. They worked their hospital magic, and soon I was at three.
(this is Donnie resting in the room before the big event)

At this point, I was thinking labor was going to be a breeze. If it was that easy to get to three, how hard could it be to go the rest of the way?
(this is me thinking labor is a walk in the park)

Well, shortly after they stared inducing, I found out how hard it could be. I was going to try it without medication, but I quickly changed my mind about that. First, they gave me something in my IV that just made me feel loopy. Soon after that I was asking for my epidural.

However, there was a problem with that. The doctor who needed to put it in had several emergency's before she was able to get to me. So by the time she got to me it was sorta too late.

I can not put into words how bad the pain was. People told me that once you have the baby in your arms, you forget about the pain. Ohh no. I still remember.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the rest of the story!


Anonymous said...

Yep -- no matter what anyone tells you about labor beforehand, there is no way to prepare for that feeling of: "Good LORD, you've got to be kiddin me!" But you made it thru and Josiah is now the prize for your efforts. Congratulations Mommy. ~~ Amy (oaks)

Rain said...

Well I am sorry cause I am one of the ones that said after you had the baby in your arms the pain would be gone. I know everyone is different and for me as soon as I was done and sewn up I was a little sore but the pain was gone and the joy of seeing the my daughter was so wonderful that I just pushed the thoughts of that pain away. I cant wait til the next segment :) Are you feeling better now?

Courtney said...

I can't wait for part 2!! I love the pic of you all smiley in your hospital gown!! :-)