Wednesday, September 10, 2008


In less than 40 hours I will be heading the the hospital! How crazy is that? I wanted to give you all some updates.

The Baby- The baby is still doing great. I have been having the non stress test done twice a week, and each time the doctor says the baby looks beautiful.

The Induction- I have decided that being induced will be okay. Donnie and I have been praying a lot about it, and its in God's hands now. I really have great peace about being induced at this point. I have the peace that passes understanding down in my heart. :-)

The Baby Doctor- Donnie and I still have not chosen a doctor. We have to decide, and we have to decide soon. After interviewing over 6 doctors you would think we have found "the one", but sadly that has not happened.

My Weight- So a few post back I was all excited about gaining a few pounds. Well..those pounds have gone away. For the past few weeks I have not been able to eat. So now my weight is two pounds less than my pre- pregnancy weight. Oh well....I don't think its having an effect on the baby.

The Car Seat- I put the car seat in my car today, and wanted to get it checked out to make sure I put it in right. I went to this website to get a list of people that check them. I thought this would be no big deal, but boy was I wrong. I guess you have to be certified to check car seats, and mostly car seats are only checked a couple times a year at big events. I really had no idea. However, I found the nicest guy at AAA who took pity on me, and checked the car seat. I indeed had put it in wrong, and this guy was SUPER helpful! Yeah!

Okay, I think thats it for now. I'm sure I'll think of more to post tomorrow!


Rain said...

IM so excited for you guys I can not wait. I hope you take lots of baby pictures and post as soon as you have a minute which I know will be a while cause when you have a new born a minute never seems to be available :)

Sherry said...

YAY!!!!!!!!! I will be praying and praying! I have a baby gift to send you -- and you guessed it -- lost your address again. I SUCK! I know. I'm sorry. I'm so overwhelmed. But I won't forget to pray!

PLEASE I promise I will never ask for you address again, I will stamp it on my forehead or something -- send to

GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS and please have Donnie update as soon as possible so that we all know you and the baby are doing great!


Anonymous said...

Wow, you're down to hours before you can see his face and touch his skin and kiss his toes. I'm so excited for you - all THREE of you! I will be praying for a quick, safe delivery. ~~ Amy (oaks)