Sunday, September 28, 2008

Thoughts on Motherhood

Before the baby was born, Donnie and I were at Target and I saw this book called "I Was a Really Good Mom Before I Had Kids". The title made me chuckle, and now after having Josiah I can see how true this really is.

Before Josiah I had a list of things I would NEVER do as a mom. Sadly within a short 24 hours, the list had gone out the window.

Here's the list:

1.) I said I would NEVER use a pacifier.
The first night we had Josiah in the hospital he would NOT stop crying for anything. Everything we tried would not stop the crying. Soon I looked at Donnie and said "Put the pacifier in him!!!!"

2.) I said I would NEVER use formula.
After 24 hours with Josiah not really eating, and getting yellower by the minute, I knew we had to do something. Formula was something I really did not want to use. However, within 10 minutes he had drank an ounce and was sleeping. I then discovered formula is my friend.

3.) I said I would NEVER use plastic bottles.
I was so excited about my Dr. Brown glass bottles, that I swore I would never use plastic. However, in the hospital with the formula feedings we did use the plastic. And when we got home what have we used? You guessed it, plastic. However, I do plan on using my glass ones right away.

I have a feeling my list will get longer by the day. I'm telling you, I was a really good mom before I had kids!


Anonymous said...

Your intentions were great -- but you are now a real, living, breathing, WONDERFUL mom because you are adjusting your expectations and giving your son what he needs. A mommy that loves him and is willing to change her fantasy and listen to her heart. You're doing great!!! Amy (oaks)

Rain said...

I know exactly what you mean. But all of your intentions with the list were good and you will learn as Josiah grows that there will be things that you may not want to do but are at the time the best thing for him and that is all that matters.

Mike and Anna said...

Ironically enough we had the same plans and look how good Anna turned out. :) Don't worry you're doing a great job!

As for plastic bottles a suggestion that worked well for us is Vent-Air bottles. They cut down on the amount of air and prevents alot of the gas build up.

Niki said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I totally need that book. I was so sure I wouldn't carry my baby around everywhere (I do), rock my baby to sleep each night (I do), limit my activities because of the baby's schedule (of course I do!), et cetera. I also find myself comparing my baby's development to others even though I promised myself I wouldn't. The key is learning to pick your battles, don't you think?