Friday, September 19, 2008

The Birth Story- Monday

So we had decided to give him the formula. And you know what? He took the whole thing, and fell asleep. I can not put into words how happy this made us. So now he was eating, but the doctors were still worried about jaundice.

Every time they would test his blood, his jaundice levels would be higher and higher. However, by Monday he was eating much better, and sleeping too. Donnie and I were happy about that!

I had to be discharged on Monday because there was nothing wrong with me, and insurance would not pay for it. However, Joshia was another story. They were talking about having me go home, and keeping Josiah to keep an eye on him, and maybe give him some light therapy.

It was really odd thinking that we might have to leave him there. To be perfectly honest, I thought if he had to stay and I had to go home, maybe I could get some sleep! (I know its a horrible thing to think)

In the end we did all go home as a family. (under the condition that we took him to the doctor the next day) I was so happy to be home! So happy I cried when I saw Frankie. I'm a mess I tell you! :-)


Courtney said...

These pictures are priceless.

Can't wait to meet the little guy!! Speaking of which, now that I'm healthy, when will you be comfortable having a visitor or two? hint, hint :-)

Courtney said...

I wrote you back! :-)