Thursday, September 04, 2008


Once again I was at my doctor today to get checked out. I feel like I'm there ALL the time! The good news is that the baby is still doing great. The bad news is that she is inducing me on the 12th. She wants to induce because of the extra fluid that is around the baby, and also I have some thyroid issues that make her nervous.

So why is this bad news? I really wanted to go into labor on my own. I really wanted not to use medication. When I told my doctor this, she was understanding. She highly recommend being induced on the 12th, but said it was up to me. If I was not induced she would watch me VERY closely until I did deliver.

So as of right now I have an appointment to be induced at 8am on the 12th. However, my doctor has made it clear that at any point I can cancel the appointment, and wait for my body to do it on its own.

So what would you do? Wait for your body to kick in, or be induced?

Maybe the baby will come on its own before the 12! :-)


Rain said...

Well Norma said you should change the date of the inducement to the 11th so that she can win the baby birthday contest LOL. Well Both of my girls were induced Alyssa was induced cause My water broke but I was not dialating at all so they had to induce labor so I would dialate and ashley they thought was going to be too large for me to have naturally so they induced her and I was scheduled to come in like you and be induced yet it still took 11 hours of labor and was the worst labor of my life not to scare you or anything. But they say that induced labor is twice as bad and more painful then regular labor. But in the end it was all worth it and as soon as you see that sweet little baby looking up at you, you will forget all the pain. :) But like you said if it is meant for him to come before the 12th he will. I always heard that if you do some walking it helps the baby to drop and brings on labor so tell donnie to go take some walks with you and frankie and get this baby to come on out before the 12th :)

Anonymous said...

I think that lots of prayer is needed. God will provide the answers.


Sherry said...

I had Jennah naturally, but both Jacob and Emme were induced. I only used pain medication w/ Jacob because he was unbearable (and still is!) LOL

First of all -- I highly recommend listening to your doctor. It's their job to do what is best for both you and the baby!

I'll be praying!


Mike and Anna said...

I think it's best/ safest to listen to the dr's recommendations. Remember they only want a healthy and positive experience for you. With that said though I'll be keeping you guys in my prayers for a positive outcome.