Monday, September 08, 2008

Sunday Fun

Yesterday was a big day around here. First was church, and then Donnie and I headed to the hospital. I had to have another non stress test done, and the only time they had open was Sunday at 2pm. I was not too happy seeing that that is in the middle of puggie picnic!

So we ended up going to the puggie picnic at the tail end of things. We did miss the group photo. But we still had a really good time. The weather was PERFECT, and the park was so nice. Sadly I do not have pictures because my camera battery was dead. But I can tell you that 30 some pugs running around is a sight to see!

The three of us had a great time. So great, that Frankie and I had to come home and take a three hour nap!


Rain said...

Well I am glad you guys still got to attend at least some of it. But I am very disappointed about the camera batteries. What if you had went into labor and had no charged batteries? You two better get it together LOL JK :) check out my newest blog and see jacksons cute new halloween costume.

Courtney said...

Yeay for puggie picnics!!! (And 3 hour naps! hehe!)