Saturday, September 20, 2008

First Family Outing

Today the four of us (me, Donnie, Josiah, and Frankie) went on an outing together. It was a walk around the neighborhood. Donnie and I were going stir crazy from being in the house for so long. I don't think Josiah fully appreciated it, seeing that he slept the whole time.

Also, yesterday we got out our Boppy pillow for the first time. I have to say I love it already! It makes feeding a lot more comfy.
(Here Donnie modeling how easy feeding is with it)

Josiah likes to fall asleep during feedings, so I thought if I put him on the ground on his Boppy he would for sure wake up. However this was NOT the case, and he just kept sleeping. (please note that I do know that the Boppy is not for sleeping, I was just trying to wake him up)


Courtney said...

SOO CUTE! I can't wait to see him tomorrow! :-)

Rain said...

Awww how cute. And just a little note that although some things are not for sleeping a baby will fall asleep in the weirdest places. Alyssa used to love to roll around the house in her walker and everyday she would walk around so much she would fall asleep you would know she was asleep cause she would be playing and walking then all of a sudden you would not hear the wheels scooting or the toys rattling and sure enough she would be knocked out head on her arms leaning on the toys. They are so adorable at that age.

Alena said...

Glad to hear things are normalizing and Josiah is home. How's mommy life treating you?