Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Way Cool

Every Sunday at church Donnie and I sit in the same seats. The church encourages people to change seats each Sunday to meet new people. But not me. I don't do change. :-)

So, a few months back a new gentleman was coming to church and he would always sit right in front of us. In chatting with him, we found out his name is Vince, and he paints murals. Right away Donnie and Vince hit it off with the common ground of art.

Over the past few months our friendship has grown (thank goodness we sit in the same seats each week! hehehe) and we look forward to chatting with him each Sunday.

Well, this past Sunday he told me that he had a baby gift for us. And you know what it was? He had painted a mommy giraffe and a baby giraffe for the baby's room! How cool is that?

It looks great in the baby room!!


Rain said...

That is way cute I really like it. That was so nice and thoughtful of him to make that. I would have to say that is the best baby gift.

Harrison's Life said...

How terrific!

Courtney said...

Love it!!

Emily said...

that's so cool! maybe i should become friends with this vince so he will paint me murals... (jk)