Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Boy its Cold Outside!!!

Today was a big day! I got out, for the first time this winter, my recess coat! Last year when I was teaching I would have recess duty. When you have recess duty in the winter you NEED a recess coat. I stayed all warm last year this this coat. However, so far this winter I did not bring it out until today. I'm sad to report that the zipper for some reason is not working this year, but the snap work just as good.

While my hubby were out and about I took some picture of the ice that is all over the trees. I think ice on tress is so pretty!! This winter has been so mild, that this is the first ice I have really seen!


Katie Beres said...

Hey I love your ice pics! Where did you take them at?
And the jacket it great. You should have had that jacket at was so cool up north!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you are much loved by your little charges. I still fondly remember our recess lady from elementary school days. She had a coat very similar to yours, too.

Take care,