Thursday, January 04, 2007

Newest Family Member!!!!!

Donnie and I were at Petsmart last Tuesday, (our favorite store to browse) and Donnie fell head over heals in love with this all white hamster. That whole night all Donnie did was talk about that hamster. So, last night we ran to Petsmart to get our newest family member Oy the hamster. Of course I took tons of pictures of him for every one to enjoy.

This is Donnie about to open our box with Oy inside

Of course I had to have my picture taken with our newest addition.

I was feeling bad for Wilber and Timpleton while at Petsmart, so we got them a hard tube thing that they can play in and chew. They did spend a lot of time playing with it last night.

This is Oy going into his new cage.

Although I was not super excited about adding a hamster to our family, I have to admit he is SO cute. I think I will let Donnie keep him. hehehehe However when I called my mom to tell her that she was a grandma again, she was not thrilled. For some reason she does not find small rodent like creature appealing.

Our first order of business with Oy is going to be arranging a play date with Sherry's hamster Jerry. I hope they like each other!!!!!


Anonymous said...


Jerry got his gift today! Thank you! He loves it and no longer feels neglected :)

I LOVE the white hamster! I've never seen an all white one before!

I'll post a picture of my Jerry on my blog so you can see him -- and sophie too -- although she is not very photogenic. She's so shiny and beautiful in person and in pictures she just looks ho hum.

You can link to me anytime!


AnneMarie said...

You have got to be kidding me! You both are addicted to raising hampsters! :)

Leah said...

your site is so fun to read!