Thursday, January 18, 2007

Nanny McPhee

At work (being the wonderful nanny that I am) the kids watched the movie Nanny McPhee. This was about a week ago that I saw it for the first time, and since then I think I have seen it 3 more times. I LOVE this movie. Here's a brief idea of what the story is about (that I found online).

Based on the "Nurse Matilda" books by Christianna Brand comes the story of Nanny McPhee. Cedric Brown is now a widower with seven ill-behaved children who've already chased away 17 nannies. But when a mysterious voice tells Cedric to hire Nanny McPhee she arrives at the Brown home and the kids learn to behave properly.
I made Donnie watch it and he (not even being a nanny) loved it also!
If only I was a magical nanny!!!

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