Sunday, January 14, 2007


Last night my dear friend Emily had a bunch of people over for her apartment for dinner. We had a great time with great food. There was much talk about house hunting, and house buying. All the house talk got Donnie and I thinking about house buying. It would be so nice to have more room, but I think we are apartment people for right now.
In the picture above is myself, Katie, Emily and Courtney. The four of us have been great friends ever since high school. Its so nice when the four of us are all together!


Courtney said...

YEAY!! I made the blog!!! :-) And as we said last night, we have a wonderful condo available for you two if you're interested in getting out of your apartment!! ;-) (Although it would make for quite the drive to work...) hehe...

Anonymous said...

There are pros and cons to house buying and apartment living and you should just do what is best for the two of you right now!

As much as I love living in a house (and with three kids, there isn't a whole lot of choice, lol) we need a new furnace, new roof, new plumbing, electric work, etc. and we can't afford ANY of it. I just keep praying to God to hold out for us until we can make the necessary changes!

Oh, and by the way, I went shopping at Meijer -- they were having a 2-day sale on Fri and Sat. I also went to Kroger AND Farmer Jack. We have all three situated w/in 1-mile from one another, so if I have good coupons and they are having good sales, i will go to all three! If no sales and no coupons, I am a Sav A Lot gal! lol

And THANK YOU for having my back on the anonymous comment! I understand what she is saying, but she doesn't know my entire situation. I commented back to her, not that she will probably see it, but because I couldn't NOT. lol She hasn't a clue what I go through w/ Mike.

Have a great week!