Saturday, January 06, 2007

I Love Ice Cream!

I'm obsessed with my entertainment book. I use it ALL the time. My parents bought it for my birthday (Nov. 3) and since then we have saved $50.42. Yes, I do keep track. I have gotten to the point that Donnie and I only go to places that I can use an entertainment book coupon. This drives Donnie nuts!!!!

To prove my point I will use tonight as an example. We were going to Royal Oak, so I grabbed two coupons from the entertainment book for ice cream places. ( I do love ice cream no matter what the season) We went to the first place, but they were closed for the season. So I thought we should get back in the car and go to the other place that I had the coupon for. However, Donnie thought that we should just go to the ice cream shop that was across the street, and opened.

Needless to say, I did not take to fondly to this idea! We did not have a coupon for that place!!!!! So, I made Donnie drive me to the other place that we DID have a coupon for. make a long story short. Donnie and I got lost and drove around for a very long time trying to find this place. Donnie, at this point, I'm sure was planning my death in his head. However, he did not kill me and we finnlay got to the ice cream place and saved $5!!!!!! I have a feeling we spent more money in gas trying to find the place. Ohh well.

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