Saturday, November 18, 2006

Another Crazy Day!

Today I had to work, but after work we were planning on going to my parents house to celebrate my mom's birthday. So I made my mom a snowman cake, made her a card, and wrapped her gift. However on the way to my parents, my dad called to say that he had taken my mom to the hospital because she was having chest pains! We ended up just heading back home. What a crazy night!

UPDATE: I talked to my mom last night and they are keeping her in the hospital till at least Monday to run test. She says she is feeling better, so that is good. Donnie and I are going to visit her after church today. I wonder if we can bring the cake to her room? :-)
UPDATE: My mom is out of the hospital and at home now. She has to go back in on Monday so they can run more test. She is happy to be home!

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