Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Ghost of Cockroach Past

So when I posted the picture of our living room on Monday, I noticed something. There is ball of light beside our red rug. Because my hubby is into ghost stories, and things of that nature, the first thing I said was "its an orb"

People in the ghost hunting world say that this is the energy of a spirit. I found some examples online.

However, my hubby and I believe that what we got in this picture is the ghost of cockroach past. The other night a cockroach had come to visit us. Living in the ghetto this is not uncommon. Although to people living in the ghetto a cockroach is the most feared bug in the world. Seeing that I'm not from the ghetto, a bug is a bug in my opinion. I'm not one to kill bugs (who would support their families?), however Donnie was convinced that we had to kill it. So he killed it, and now we have the ghost of the cockroach in our apartment! See what happens when you kill bugs?!

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Mom2fur said...

Well, it was smart to kill the bug. I'm sure you wouldn't want all his friends and relatives visiting! Those things multiply like nuts!