Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sermon Notes

Today's sermon was Guilt Driven

Its amazing the power that guilt can have on us. God wants us to handle guilt the right way. People can be guilt driven, and (or) guilt ridden

Guilt Driven- Always doing things to avoid feeling guilt.
Guilty Ridden- Feeling overly guilty, often times for things that are not even your fault.

What do we do about guilt?
Jesus is the one who sets us free from guilt. "There is no commendation for those who are in Christ." Romans 8.1

Be in Christ-One must have a relationship with Jesus to be set free from guilt
Live Free-After you know that Jesus has set you free, you must CHOOSE to live guilt free
Fill your life with God's truth- We will make mistakes, but don't carry the guilt with you.
Have mercy on others-Forgive others as God forgives you

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