Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Tutoring Fun!

On Tuesday nights I tutor at City Mission where I used to work. I have the joy of picking up Caci and Jami, taking them to City Mission, tutoring them, and taking them home. This whole process brings much joy to me. No matter how tried I am, or if I have had a bad day tutoring always makes me smile.

I have known Caci and Jami for many years now, and they actually sat at the head table at our reception. Caci is the older of the two with the dark hair, and Jami is the one standing. These pictures were taken at my wedding reception by Dionne Haglund of The Shooting Gallery photography


AnneMarie said...

They look so precious! What an honor and privilege it is for you to serve them!

Katie said...

Hi Stacey! Yes, I will see you at the CityMission party. I am loving it there so far. I met you at Elizabeth and Joe's wedding... do you remember?