Friday, November 17, 2006

Funky Friday

Today has been a funky day. The weather has been icky yet again. I wish the sun would come out! On a good side I did not have to work today! Here is a low down on what has happened so far today.
This morning when I got up I stubbed my toe on Donnie's suitcase that is in the kitchen. I did this about 10 hours ago and my toe is still throbbing. I'm convinced I broke my baby toe. However, I am able to move it, so Donnie says its not broken. Walking is very painful.
Then around 2pm my stomach starting killing me! The past few days my stomach has been having issues. I took some tums, and I do feel a bit better now.

Donnie came home and went straight to bed, for a nap. When I came in to check on him he was snuggled with all our bears. How cute! Amanda is the horse, and the most recent addition to the bed. Cuticus in the care bear in the middle, and I had him for a very long time. Bobo is the polar bear, and is Donnie's.

Then all of us took some family pictures together. I think I had a bit too much fun with this.

Tonight we are going out for Mexican! (we have a 50% off coupon for our favorite place!) I love Mexican!
Have a great weekend!

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