Thursday, November 09, 2006

Frugal Friday

My Frugal Friday tip this week is about wall coverings. My husband is an artist, and I'm crafty so needless to say our apartment has some cool (some would say odd) touches to it. I will share an idea for the bathroom, and the living room.


When we got married in May we got an awesome shower curtain that I just love. However, the bold print made the wall next to it very bare. I wanted to get a large mirror for this space. After finding out how much it would cost, I knew it had to be a DIY project. This is what I did. This project took about 3 hours to complete.

I got 4 frames from Michaels for about $2 each
I got paints, that were the same colors as the shower curtain, for $ .90 each
Then I painted the frames to match the shower curtain. Masking tape is a must for this project!
Then I hung them! (This was by far the hardest step!)

Living Room

This idea is a little bit more "out there", but it was super fun to make, and people always comment on it. (Sometimes good...Sometimes not so good hehehehe )

This project my husband and I did before we got married. I had a large space above my couch that I did not know what to do with. So we went to Michaels and bought a framed picture that was on clearance. Doing this was SO much cheaper then just buying a frame. Yes, the frame did have real art in it when we got it. We turned the print over and used that as the canvas for our new art.

First we found all all different types of textures to glue down. We used plastic bags, pin foil, tissue paper, and other things we found around the house. Next we traced our hand prints, over lapping each other, about 30 times. Then we painted! Painting by far was the longest part. This project took about 5 hours to complete.

So, be creative and make something to hang on your walls! It was save you money, and you will have a blast doing it!

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Samantha said...

Wow, both of those ideas are really neat!