Sunday, December 17, 2006


Today my mother and I had a great time making chocolate bark. To make this first we picked out some toppings that we would add to the chocolate. We wanted to use nuts, candy canes, and toffee. So took these things and grounded them into small pieces. Below is a picture of me crushing candy canes with a rolling pin.

Next we melted chocolate (make sure it is baking chocolate) and mixed in the desired topping. Then we spread the mixture on to a wax paper lined baking dish. We tried to make sure that it had an even thickness throughout, but that did not always happen. Then we topped the chocolate with more of the candy that we mixed inside.

After that the baking dish goes in the refrigerator for one hour. Then you can peel the chocolate from the wax paper and cut the chocolate into smaller pieces.

This can be a great creative experiment with different types of chocolate, and different types and combinations of toppings.

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Anonymous said...

ooooo, does this ever look good!

Thanks for sharing.