Friday, December 29, 2006

Day 5

Today was a funny funny day. Donnie needed to get some new tires on his car, so we drove to the town of Mud Fork. I think that is the funniest name of a town ever! Like I have said before, I'm a big city northern girl. I have learned that people from the north do things a lot faster than the people of Mud Fork. I went into the auto shop office to ask the lady if there was a bathroom. The lady answered me, but her accent was so thick that I had NO idea what she said. So I just walked out of the office.
The day got even odder when we took Donnie's dad to get his hair cut. The barber also owned a roster farm that was behind the barber shop. Me being the big city girl that I am had never seen a roster farm before. It was HUGE, with TONS of rosters. Here are some pictures.

By the end of this day I was ready to get back to the big city.

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Anonymous said...

Haa haaaa this is too funny!. You should see where I live out in Charlotte Mi! We are in the center of redneckvill USA. (but not quite as rural as this part of Virginia). Everyday is a new adventure. I can just see my husband busting up a big rock. Haa haa.