Friday, December 29, 2006


So today Donnie and I made the big trip back home. I think both of us were VERY ready to go back to the big city. The drive was long (about 8 hours) but we made it in one piece. I was very happy to see my bed and my shower! I missed both of those things dearly. I have no pictures from today. :-(


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Anonymous said...

I just finished getting caught up on your blog! I love the new look! Is that your building? It's awesome -- I love brick.

The West Virginia trip was a lot of fun! My dh and I both have family in Tennessee and keep promising to visit them, but to be honest -- they scare me just a little bit. ha ha ha I'm kidding! DH's best friend runs a tobacco farm and he has the WORST accent. I was secretly making fun of them on my blog a couple of years ago when they started spouting chemistry equations that were wicked far above my head. So much for first impressions, huh?

Well welcome back! I am sure the gerbils missed you! And I loved, loved, loved that picture of the little kitty you kept company! Calicos are my favorite. (Shhhh don't tell Sophie ... )