Saturday, December 23, 2006

Basket of Love

Today was City Mission's big delivery day. They delivered food baskets to every family in our neighborhood! How cool is that? Seeing that Donnie and I do live in the neighborhood we got a basket also! What a great blessing that is when money is tight! The basket also came with a big old turkey. Seeing that I'm a non meat eater I don't really care about the turkey. However, Donnie was very excited to see meat coming into our house. hahaha

City Mission also passed out clothes and toys for the children in our programs. Yeah for Christmas!

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FrugalDomesticGoddess said...

That's awesome :) Our church did that for local families as well! I wish things of this nature would happen more often than just at Christmastime! Kind of a "pay it forward" type of thing, ya know?

gots me a'thinkin'!