Thursday, December 07, 2006

Target vs. Gap

Today I was doing some online Christmas shopping for some little ones, and I thought clothes would be a good idea. These little ones have more toys than they know what to do with, so I thought this would be a nice alternative. (side note: I just wanted to get these little ones something simple and :-) )

My first stop on the web was at Gap kids. I have always thought they have super cute things, but I have never actually shopped there. I found it was really expensive. For example, I thought this sweater was super cute, until I looked at the was $34.50. I rarely spend that much on my sweaters!

After that, I decided that I'm too poor for Gap kids, and I headed over to Target. There I found much more of what I was looking for. The above top is what I bought for the 4 year old, and it was was on sale for $6.29! You can't beat that! I also got a very similar shirt for her older sister. For the baby I got the shirt posted below for $5.59

Now, I know the Gap clothes are probably better made and will last a longer time than the Target clothes. However, kids grow so fast that I'm sure they will out grow the clothes before they wear out, even if they are from Target.


annemarie said...

Target all the way! You are a smart one. Again, Donnie is one lucky man.

FrugalDomesticGoddess said...

I just posted about going to Target today! I got my son 2 long sleeved sports shirts on clearance for 1.98! And they are really nice, thick cotton :) I like Target -- but I spent too much on other stuff!

Good choices on the gifts!

Sherry in Melvindale