Friday, December 29, 2006

Christmas Eve- Day 1

On Christmas Eve Donnie and I packed up and headed down to my grandma's in London Ohio. Its a pretty tiny town west of Columbus. We would have just rode with my parents, however we were headed to visit Donnie's dad after so we drove separate. Now this was my first time driving to my grandma's house without my parents, and needless to say it was a very odd feeling. Below are some pictures of the highlights of the day.

This is myself at a gas station in Ohio. When my dad drives we NEVER stop at this gas station. I had to tell on Donnie to my mom.

This is Donnie and myself in front of my grandma's Christmas tree before the midnight candle light service at Church. I have been going to this service literally my whole life. It would not be Christmas without it!

My mom and I before church

Every year my family ices sugar cookies to be eaten on Christmas day. However, somehow Donnie and I were the only ones that iced the cookies. Seeing that it was just the two of us we kept it real simple with just two colors.
This sums up day one!

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