Saturday, December 23, 2006

Gerbil Christmas Eve

It is a little known fact that tonight is gerbil Christmas Eve. To celebrate this we got Wilber and Timpleton a new cage. (They have other smaller things to open on gerbil Christmas day.) I took pictures of the whole event so no one would miss the fun. FYI Wilber is the older black gerbil Timpleton is the younger cream gerbil.

First Donnie got the new cage put together and attached it to the old cage. The new cage is one the right.

Timpleton, being the brave one, was the first to come into the cage on his own. Wilber would only come over for a second and then go back to the old cage.

Then the night got real good when we popped some gerbil popcorn. The boys love that. Timpleton, being the brave one, started to chow down. However, Wilber was still unsure about the whole new cage idea.

Tomorrow, before we leave for Ohio the boys will be able to open their stockings. Happy Gerbil Christmas Eve to Everyone!


Anonymous said...

LOL! That was great! Those stockings gave me a giggle-snort! Of course, yes, my Sophie (cat) has a stocking -- but alas, poor Jerry the hamster is lacking in gifts. I suppose the gerbil/hamster-Claus forgot him? Now I feel guilty! lol

Merry Christmas!


annemarie said...

I love the new look of your page!

I watched the movie and I really really liked it!

Gerbilgal said...

Awww...They are so cute. The tan one reminds me of my little girl Gimpy. Spoiled rottens gerbils like mine.