Friday, May 25, 2007

Frankie Updates

I think it is safe to say that Frankie is a full member of the family now. Its funny how attached you can get to a furry guy so fast!

He still is not too found of his crate at bed time. I need some input from you dog people out there. How long should it take him to get used to his crate? Is there a point that we should forget about using the crate? Any tips would be great!

Frankie made a friend today!!! His first friend at his new house! We were out walking today and met a dog about the same size as Frankie. The dog's mom told us that she(the other dog) is 7 years old, just like Frankie! The had a very nice time getting to know each other. We will have to have her over for a play date!


AnneMarie said...

Frankie is the cutest thang ever. I WANT HIM! :)

See you on Sunday!

Katie said...

Frankie and I will have a chat about the crate tomorrow over lunch.

Rain said...

I have a different opinion on the whole crate thing My pug jackson does not sleep in a crate he sleeps at the foot of our bed or in the floor by my bed or sometimes with the girls he would have a fit if we caged him all night. He only goes in the crate when we are leaving home for a while like grocery shopping or out to a movie otherwise he is good if he has to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night we buy him those doggy pee pee pads and he goes to it everytime if he has to go number 2 the craziest thing he actually goes in our bathroom on the floor which is not often but I am thankful cause it is the only floor besides the kitchen that is tile and so much easier to clean up then carpet LOL but I would say if you have made sure he goes at night before you go to bed then he should be good to stay out of the crate all night just get in a habit of a little walk even if it around the yard right before bed.