Saturday, May 05, 2007

Fun Day!

Not only was Wednesday our one year anniversary, but it was also my half birthday! I know! Life does not get any better than that!

To celebrate both of these occasions my mom had us over for dinner. It was great! She even had our wedding flowers, and a cake for us! How sweet is that? Also for my half birthday my mom got me some super cute PJ's and a couple shirts. I have the best mom ever. Donnie on the other hand says he does not believe in half birthdays. grrrr

Donnie and I before going to my mom's exchanged gifts. (note: Donnie did not get me anything for my half birthday!) Donnie got me a gift certificate for my favorite spa!!!! How cool is that? That almost makes up for the fact that he did not get me anything for my half birthday!

As many of you know Donnie is HUGE into Transformers. And a while back we came across a potato head transformer. So I knew I had to get this for him. Needless to say he loved it and it was added to the collection very fast. I also got him a game that we was wanting for his PlayStation.
What a great day we had!!!


Sherry said...

Big congratulations! Looks like a fun day! And I love the gerber daisies on your table!

I got a huge bouquet of wildflowers, roses, etc all mixed on my b-day (4/21) and the daisies (regular white ones) still like brand new and fresh on my kitchen window sill!

Gotta love daisies!


Rain said...

Thats cool and what the heck is a half birthday?? I never heard of a half birthday. so does that mean your birthday is october 6th?? I want a half birthday :) wait till next year I am so gonna have one.