Saturday, May 12, 2007

What a Deal!

Today my hubby and I headed over to the library to find some books. But when we were there we saw that the library was having a used book sale. If there is one thing that my husband can not resist it is used book sale. We were looking around, and Donnie found a bunch of books that he had been wanting.

Here's the best part..he got about $140 worth of books for $13! How cool is that? Needless to say Donnie is a very happy camper.
I did not buy any books, however I did check out a few. I got three books about Pugs, so I can read up about the breed. (we were told that we should be getting a letter in the mail soon about the Pug) Also I checked out a couple Junie B. Jones books. I read these books to students when I was teaching last year, and the kids that I nanny for now love them. I think they are SO funny, I had to read them to Donnie. Now he is hooked, and we read them together!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome on the book sale! Livonia's huge book sale starts the 18th! On Sunday they generally do huge bags of books for 5 bucks. Mike and I will be there with BELLS ON!

And as for kids -- I was 26 with my 1st, then 28 and then 29! (Lord help me)

HOWEVER, an online friend of mine just had her first and she is 38. It all matters what is best for you!