Saturday, May 19, 2007

Stacey's Day at the Hospital

Hi all, this is Donnie. Stacey graciously allowed me to have her password and login so that I could post about her experiences at the hospital and her surgery. So please bear with me, I'm not nearly as entertaining as my beloved wife.

First the funny part, Stacey was called back to be prepped for surgery while her mother, our pastor and I waited in the lounge for about a half hour. When they were done with her they allowed us to come in the back and wait with her. But the funny part was that they had given Stacey some sort of sedative and she was as high as a kite! She was so funny! She was joking and carrying on like she was drunk! It was so cute, and her mother and I enjoyed talking with her while she was in this condition.
Finally after waiting for over an hour and a half the nurses asked us to leave and they took my baby back for surgery. I can't explain how scary it was for me to walk away from her right then knowing what was about to happen. With ANY surgery there is always some risk and it felt like I might never see her again. It might seem silly that I was so worried but it was all I could do to bite back tears as I said my goodbye's and goodluck.

The surgery was supposed to last only about an hour and a half, but because the doctors had trouble getting some machines that they needed moved into the operating room things went went much more slowly. Joyce and I waited about three hours on pins and needles not knowing if anything was wrong or not. :-(

Finally, when the surgery was complete and Stacey was beginning to wake up we were allowed to see her. She looked so weak and sick when we entered the room that once again I had to fight back tears. I didn't want Stacey to see them and possibly become frightened.

She was very disoriented and a little frightened after surgery which under the circumstances make perfect sense to me. I promised her that I would stay with her all night if the hospital staff would let me. I was flattered and touched to see how much this comforted her. I feel very blessed to have such a sweet woman to spend the rest of my life with.

When they took Stacey to her room for the night I was told that I couldn't stay the night there with her. So, being the law-abiding citizen that I am,(he he he) I decided to hang out with her as long as I could without them noticing it and I was able to get away with sitting with her in her room to nearly midnight! Then finally her nurse noticed me there and asked me to leave.

They let me bring Stacey home around 1:30 p.m. yesterday. She's very sore and not moving too well right now. But she is however, doing better than yesterday. She's fully alert now and from time to time she gets up and walks shakily around the house. I'm keeping her well supplied with Popsicles and soft foods.

Here she is resting on the couch with all her stuffed babies. (And Optimus Prime, he was so worried about her that I couldn't keep him away!) She wanted me to post and let everyone know how much she appreciates your prayers and to let you know that she's doing fine. She has the next week off of work, so I'm sure as she gets her strength back she will be posting as soon as she feels up to it.


Courtney said...

Hi Donnie! (and Stacey!) Glad to hear everything went ok and that everyone is home and resting! That was very sweet of Optimus Prime to be so concerned and want to see her...We'll talk to you soon!

Anonymous said...

Made me cry to see my little niece ready to go to surgery. You have been in my prayers and always in my thoghts. I am so thankful you have such a wonderful duck to look after you. I wish all marriages could be as great as yours.You two take care. I would love to have you guys down for a weekend, maybe swimming and good food.Love to both of you.Hope to you see you soon.

Love Aunt Deb

Rain said...

Hi guys I am glad that things went well and that she is home hope she gets back to usual self soon. And that is too cute with her stuffed babies and optimus :) too funny. Well I will be trying to call you guys tomorrow talk to you all soon.

Sherry said...

I'm so happy to hear that all is well! Give Stacy a hug from me! And tell her I hope she feels better and is up and around soon!


Anonymous said...

We're created to care for and nurture each other in all sorts of ways. This surgery was hard on both of you -- but it's been a terrific opportunity for many people to express their love and support. You two ROCK. God is good. ~~ Amy K