Monday, May 28, 2007

Wowie Wow Wow

So Donnie and I have discovered quite the underground art scene in Detroit. Surprisingly it is fairly large. We have found this by networking with people in the Creative Arts Group that we attend. (for those that don't know...Donnie is an AWESOME drawer, and I love doing anything crafty)

Anyways......we have big news

Our work is going to be on display at a gallery!!!!
How cool is that? Donnie and I awhile back made this painting of our overlapping hands. We had it hanging up in the apartment for the longest time. But now we are putting on display, and maybe somebody will even buy it!
Opening night for the show is June 2 from6-11, and June 3rd from 4-10. The gallery is in Ferndale, so if your in the area stop by! The postcards that I posted have the address and such. There are artist from all over the world that will have their art there. And these are REAL artist, people who making a living doing this. I'm not sure how we got in! :-)

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