Thursday, May 17, 2007

One More Hour!

Well...I have one more hour till I need to be at the hospital. Good thing for me, the hospital is only like 5 min away. I want to thank everyone for their prayers! It means so much to me! I really am feeling good about this whole thing. Not saying that I'm looking forward to it.

To prove that I have the BEST husband in the world, Donnie went and got me Wendy's last night at 11pm!!!! How sweet is that? I could not eat anything after midnight, and the only thing I really wanted was a frosty, so he went to get it for me!

I'll be sure to update later! Is it bad to bring my camera to the hospital? hehehe


Sherry said...

I hope all went well! I'll be checking back to your blog in the morning!



Anonymous said...

Update: This is Donnie, (Stacey's hubby) It's 12:10 A.M. I just got back from the hospital. Stacey came through the surgery just fine but they want to keep her overnight for observation. She's hurting really bad when the pain meds wear off but I think that she will be just fine. Thank you all for your prayers and know that we both appreciate it very much. And thank you God, for listening and answering those prayers. I'll write more in the comments section again as soon as there's something to tell. Goodnight and God bless.


Rain said...

Well I am thankful she is doing well I hope she does not have too much pain when the meds wear off and you both will still be in my prayers have a good night and I will await updates :)

AnneMarie said...

Thank you for the update Donnie. We greatly appreciate it!

I am praying for a quick healing!