Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Weekend Fun

Last weekend Donnie and I celebrated our big one year anniversary. For our honeymoon we stayed at the Dearborn Inn, and my mom's present to us this year was another night there. I have the best parents ever!

So on Saturday afternoon we checked into the hotel and then went to Greenfield Village. We had a great time there. The highlights of the trip included riding the carousel and eating frozen yogurt. ( least those were the highlights for me!)

On Saturday night we got room service, and that was great fun. Please note that the shrimp was not mine. Then on Sunday morning we had a huge breakfast in our room. (this was included with the price of our room)
We had a great time there, and needless to say we did not want to leave.

Here is an update on the dog situation: We thank everyone who has given us there two cents! Donnie and I are praying about it to see what the Lord would have us do. Currently our application is being reviewed. Donnie says that if they don't call us than it was not meant to be.

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Rain said...

Well it looks like you guys had a great anniversary :) On the dog situation donnie is right if you get the call then it was just meant to be that way and if not maybe you will find another dog in the future :)